Personal Coaching to Reach Your Goals

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their performance. It is more often helping them to learn rather then teaching them.”

John Whitmore

Why a Personal Coach?

With a Personal Coach, you get the support you need to achieve the goals for your life. You get a dedicated fan, invested in your success and willing to help put in the time and energy to help you get there.

Your Personal Coach will help challenge you, help inspire you, help you sort through the thoughts, help you brainstorm the ideas, help you overcome the roadblocks… truly work together with you to help you succeed.

How is that different than a Mentor?

Mentors are awesome, no doubt. And if you can find a personal mentor to help you achieve your goals, I highly recommend doing so. However, finding a good mentor can be challenging, as you need to find someone who is successful in exactly the area of your need, who is also willing to engage with you simply because they want to. If they don’t totally agree with your direction, a mentor would be much more likely to end the relationship.

A Personal Coach is there to help meet you at your terms, for your goals – not theirs. A coach is there to provide an actionable focus on what you want to achieve, not to leave a legacy of their own.

What Personal Coaching do you offer?

My coaching can help with a variety of areas, from business to personal. We can address things like new business ideas (from start to finish), or as personal as social anxiety to help you establish the connections you truly desire.

The biggest question is whether we would be the right fit to work together, as this will require an investment of time and energy on both parts. I do not accept all potential coaching clients because of that.

“Coaching isn’t therapy. It’s product development, with you as the product.”

Fast Company

What is your Personal Coaching Style?

I am a very kind and understanding person, with a generally upbeat and uplifting personality. At the same time, I will look for places to push and challenge your thoughts, your ideas and your perspective, and I am not afraid to be direct and to the point.

Sometimes, we need that type of a real mirror held up to us so that we can get out of our own way, and often times our friends and associates are afraid of risking the relationships in order to be that honest with us. A Personal Coach is there to be that mirror… that challenge… that iron designed to sharpen your own iron.

But there’s a Cost involved with Coaching, right?

Yes. In exchange for the time and energy invested in you, there is an exchange of financial compensation. This actually offers a clean and pure exchange though, as the goals set forth in the coaching are yours, and not that of the coach (or mentor, as in the example above.)

This also creates an atmosphere of accountability and action. If you are spending your own money for a Personal Coach, you are much more likely to take action on the ideas and direction that come from the Coaching sessions. Whereas in comparison, with a mentor, you may or may not take action because you don’t have the same level of investment involved.

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”

Tom Landry

How much is Personal Coaching?

My Personal Coaching rates start at only $150 per 1/2 hour, and packages may be available depending on your needs and goals.

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