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Finding the Value Balance in Cost, Quality and Time

Cost, Quality and Time are the 3 very basic factors when you are making a decision, such as choosing your WordPress designer. Each are major factors of the decision, yet in any decision we can truly only get the best in 2 of the 3 areas. For example, you can choose fast and cheap, but there will be a cost in quality. You can choose fast and high quality, but you are going to pay a higher premium for that. Of course, you can choose the cheap and high quality, but there will be a number of delays along the way. No matter which 2 you choose to get the best in, there will be one area that is not the best....
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Charlotte WordPress Design Specialist

Hi there. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am a WordPress Design Specialist, located in Charlotte, NC. Yes, I have been working with WordPress since 2007 and have watched WordPress grow into a full content management system. With so many options available to me as a developer, WordPress is certainly my system of choice! WordPress is among the easiest content management systems to use, especially for the average casual online user. The interface of WordPress for administration is simple and intuitive, and does not require a large user’s manual or countless hours of training. Of course, if...
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WordPress Website Design and Development Spring Special

Save 25% on a new WordPress Website – Design & Development!   Throughout the month of April, I am offering a WordPress Design and Development Spring Special with a 25% discount on any new WordPress website! If you have been considering a new website, a redesign of your current website, or perhaps moving your current website to a WordPress platform, now is the time to act! This offer includes a new WordPress design and WordPress development for your website. As a WordPress developer and specialist in the Charlotte, NC area, I specialize in helping small and mid-size businesses get their...
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jQuery Background Animation

I just completed work on a project that required the use of background animations. The task was to make a header background “shine” when you hovered over the section. My first approach was to use CSS3 transitions by placing a background image with a “shine” effect in place and then using the transitions to slide the background into place quickly, which worked extremely well… until I checked it out in Internet Explorer. Damn IE! IE 10 worked just fine, but IE 9 and older does not support CSS3 transitions. So I began looking for some jQuery magic. There are some pretty cool...
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Replace WordPress jQuery with SAME VERSION of Google jQuery

There are a number of online tutorials and code snippits designed to help you replace the WordPress core loaded jQuery with the hosted version of jQuery from Google. I love the idea as it gives me one less item to load locally and therefore can help speed up the website. I also like having multiple options for loading a script, just in case one is broken. What makes this different? Most scripts make you define the version of jQuery you want to use in your theme or plugin, or use the lastest version. However, this can be a problem. In my own framework, I was loading 1.7.2 with the code I used. With...
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