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Bounce Rates and SEO – Revisited

Recently, a reader made a comment on my post about Why Bounce Rate Matters to SEO. The reader referenced an article online that stated that bounce rates having an impact on SEO rankings was a misconception. They cite in the article that Google has even said they do not use the bounce rate gathered from Analytics as part of their ranking data. The thought is that if you are looking for an answer to a question, you may in fact find that answer on the page you land on and not go any further into the website. These are interesting points, and while I do see what they are trying to say, I still must...
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Dear Self Promoting Commenter

Recently I got an interesting comment on one of my posts. It was from a self-described SEO company. I know they claim to do SEO, because the entire comment was as follows: Web Development Company says “We provide technology services, web Development Company, seo web development, SEO Services, Website Development Company, SEO Services Company. search engine and search engine website.” Of course, they added a link to their website to go with their “name.” Seriously??? Nothing to add to the content? What the hell kind of SEO company is this? I don’t normally do this, but I...
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Why Bounce Rate Matters to SEO

Yesterday I wrote a article explaining what Bounce Rate means in terms of website SEO. Today I want to touch on why knowing Bounce Rates are important. To quickly illustrate why Bounce Rates are important to your websites search engine strategy, let me tell you a quick story. As a web developer and search engine strategist, I will have need to refer clients to other services from time to time. For this story, I needed to refer a client to a professional photographer to gather images for their project. I grabbed my list of photographers and gave the client a few names in order of which I felt would be...
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In SEO, what is a Bounce Rate?

A very common question among those new to Search Engine Optimization… What is Bounce Rate? In the article, I will try to describe Bounce Rate in layman’s terms. Have you ever done a search online, clicked a website from those results and realized that the selected website did not offer the information, services or goods you were seeking? So, you quickly hit the back button on your browser to go back to the search results and try another website. If you have ever done this (and everyone has), you just “bounced” off of that website. Courtesy Lars Hammar @ flickr Quite simply,...
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