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Seeking Mortgage Professional for Referrals

This website still gets people looking for a mortgage. I still get inquiries about mortgage related items, even though I am no longer in the mortgage field. I am seeking a mortgage professional in the Charlotte mortgage industry seeking an advertising option to refer interested parties to. I am seeking only ONE professional to advertise on this website. I must feel confident in your ability and professionalism. Please contact me if you are interested in this advertising...
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Dominating the Mortgage SERPS over a year later

Still top Google for Charlotte home loans - over 1 year after leaving mortgage industry! Many people come to this website seeking mortgage information. Among them are several local mortgage loan officers. However, as you can clearly see, this website is no longer about mortgage loans or home loans in the Charlotte area, not like it once was. You see, over a year and a half ago, I left the mortgage industry. However, before leaving, I was able to build a very strong internet presence in regards to mortgage related search inquiries. In other words, when someone searched for home loans in Charlotte, you...
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TwitterFeed it is!

So I have been looking for something to update my Twitter account when I add a post to this website, and have gone through a number of Twitter plugins, none of which seem to work. I tried again, which takes your RSS feed from your website and then publishes the most recent post(s) to your Twitter profile. They even post to other services, such as Facebook. While I added my Facebook account to my account, nothing has yet updated, so we will see if that works. As long as TwitterFeed continues to update my posts on a regular basis, I will stick with this. I am not a big fan...
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Sr. Web Developer

I have recently accepted a position with Hats Off Creative as their Sr. Web Developer. As such, my job is to work with the design team in the development and deployment of websites for our clients. Websites will range from small 4 and 5 page websites to more complex CMS driven websites. My experience working with HTML, PHP, CSS and CMS programs such as WordPress and Drupal will come in handy for sure. Looks like 2010 is going to be a great year! I am looking forward to this very interesting and exciting opportunity and expect that I will both learn and contribute much in this...
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Powered By WordPress

This may not be that big a secret, but is proudly powered by WordPress. I could have taken a number of approaches to building this website. I could have certainly used straight HTML code and created each page “by hand”, but knowing that I planned to add a lot of content over time, that would become tedious. HTML only websites are great for simple 5 page websites, but if your website is going to handle a number of pages and a lot of content, you need a good content management system to power it all. So why WordPress? Simply put, it is among the best in CMS programs. I have...
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