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Smooth Scroll to Anchor Using jQuery

This simple script will allow for smooth scrolling to an anchor link within a page. Fairly easy to add. Just place it in the footer of your coded page and watch the magic happen. Its a very nice addition to make a site seem a bit more “professional.” It does seem to have a couple items you can adjust, such as the time to take for scrolling. It is set at 900, and how quickly you get to the anchor really depends on how far down the page your anchor is. So without further adieu, here is the script. ¬†Enjoy! JavaScript <script> jQuery(document).ready(...
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jQuery Background Animation

I just completed work on a project that required the use of background animations. The task was to make a header background “shine” when you hovered over the section. My first approach was to use CSS3 transitions by placing a background image with a “shine” effect in place and then using the transitions to slide the background into place quickly, which worked extremely well… until I checked it out in Internet Explorer. Damn IE! IE 10 worked just fine, but IE 9 and older does not support CSS3 transitions. So I began looking for some jQuery magic. There are some pretty cool...
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