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jQuery Background Animation

I just completed work on a project that required the use of background animations. The task was to make a header background “shine” when you hovered over the section. My first approach was to use CSS3 transitions by placing a background image with a “shine” effect in place and then using the transitions to slide the background into place quickly, which worked extremely well… until I checked it out in Internet Explorer. Damn IE! IE 10 worked just fine, but IE 9 and older does not support CSS3 transitions. So I began looking for some jQuery magic. There are some pretty cool...
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Replace WordPress jQuery with SAME VERSION of Google jQuery

There are a number of online tutorials and code snippits designed to help you replace the WordPress core loaded jQuery with the hosted version of jQuery from Google. I love the idea as it gives me one less item to load locally and therefore can help speed up the website. I also like having multiple options for loading a script, just in case one is broken. What makes this different? Most scripts make you define the version of jQuery you want to use in your theme or plugin, or use the lastest version. However, this can be a problem. In my own framework, I was loading 1.7.2 with the code I used. With...
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Removing iPhone browser chrome padding

Mobile development adds a whole new level of skills that are needed. Take for example an issue I just ran into. When developing a mobile page template for a client, the iPhone added a 10px margin to the right side of the display to allow room for the scrollbar. The iPad does not do this, and at the time I did not have an iPhone or device similar to test it. I now have an iPod Touch for my iPhone testing, so I could quickly see this as an issue. To remove the extra margin, I made sure my html tag had a class of “iphone” so I could attach css styles to it. If you do not know how to do this, I...
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Automated WordPress Plugin Update Script

  WordPress Plugin Authors Rejoice! Great news today. A friend of mine, Thomas Griffin of Thomas Griffin Media just released a script library designed to help WordPress plugin authors keep their plugins updated on all websites! And best of all, he has provided this to us all… FREE OF CHARGE! Not only is Thomas a kick ass developer, but he certainly gives back to the WordPress community. Maybe you have written a plugin, but never submitted it to It could be a commercial plugin like the Soliloquy plugin or a private plugin that you have created just for your client’s...
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WordCamp Raleigh 2012 Presentation now on

For those of you that have been waiting, just published my WordCamp Raleigh 2012 presentation on Truly Dynamic Sidebars. You can find the video here: Of course, you can also watch it here on this website. Also, remember: Presentation Summary can be found at Code used in the presentation can be found at If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact me below, or hit me up on...
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