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Finding the Value Balance in Cost, Quality and Time

Cost, Quality and Time are the 3 very basic factors when you are making a decision, such as choosing your WordPress designer. Each are major factors of the decision, yet in any decision we can truly only get the best in 2 of the 3 areas. For example, you can choose fast and cheap, but there will be a cost in quality. You can choose fast and high quality, but you are going to pay a higher premium for that. Of course, you can choose the cheap and high quality, but there will be a number of delays along the way. No matter which 2 you choose to get the best in, there will be one area that is not the best....
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How much does a Website Cost?

This is a very common question and one worth asking. How much does it cost to get a new website, or perhaps to redesign a website you already have? In general terms, I can safely say… the cost of a website should be NOTHING! How can a top quality website cost nothing? Let’s say you sell a product or a service that nets your business $100 and you make an average of 100 sales per month. That’s not a bad $10k for sure. But if your website can be improved and brings you an increase in sales of just 10%, that’s adding another $1000 per month to your bottom line! Now… if your...
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Better fonts for design AND development

Just wanted to post a quick note on something I ran across. There is a new online web hosted font directory call Brick. Very comparable to Google Fonts, but with a very distinct difference. Well, a couple of them. First, the library is new, so there are not as many fonts to choose from yet. HOWEVER, the quality for online use is night and day! Take a look at this comparison: Using the EB Garamond font, here are links to 2 pages. One uses the Google version, the other the Brick version: Google: Brick: Notice the quality of how the...
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WordPress Website Design and Development Spring Special

Save 25% on a new WordPress Website – Design & Development!   Throughout the month of April, I am offering a WordPress Design and Development Spring Special¬†with a 25% discount on any new WordPress website! If you have been considering a new website, a redesign of your current website, or perhaps moving your current website to a WordPress platform, now is the time to act! This offer includes a new WordPress design and WordPress development for your website. As a WordPress developer and specialist in the Charlotte, NC area, I specialize in helping small and mid-size businesses get their...
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Are you sure you are a Web Designer?

Yes, your design looks very nice. I love the style and the look. It is very clear that you have design skills and talent. But, are you sure you are a Web Designer? I got a great looking website design sent to me for development. Upon first glance, I was really struck by the nice design and overall look. This was a great looking design all in all. However, the devil is certainly in the details, and it became very clear that this designer really does not understand the web. The PSD file was rife with issues. The very first thing I noticed is that the canvas size was an odd number. Not just some strange...
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