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Finding the Value Balance in Cost, Quality and Time

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Cost, Quality and Time

are the 3 very basic factors when you are making a decision, such as choosing your WordPress designer. Each are major factors of the decision, yet in any decision we can truly only get the best in 2 of the 3 areas.

For example, you can choose fast and cheap, but there will be a cost in quality. You can choose fast and high quality, but you are going to pay a higher premium for that. Of course, you can choose the cheap and high quality, but there will be a number of delays along the way.

No matter which 2 you choose to get the best in, there will be one area that is not the best. So how do you find value balance?

Finding the Right Value Balance

The goal for most is to find a WordPress designer that will give you the right value for your project. This includes a balance of all three factors…a fair price, good quality and within a reasonable time frame. Perhaps they are stronger in the quality but not quite as fast as others, but the balance for your needs is there. Ultimately, you will know best what balance your project requires.

One of the best things you can do with the designer is spend time talking to them about your WordPress project. Don’t just send over a simple request for quote or proposal and base your decisions on that. Talking to the designer or developer will help you get a better idea of how they meet each of these three areas. Note: It will also give an idea as to how they handle customer service, which is something to keep in mind.

I personally invite your questions about the WordPress project you have. Let’s talk about your ideas, needs and desires. Together we can find the right balance for your project and make the decision an easier one to make.

If you have a WordPress design or development project you need help with, please get in touch today. I am available for WordPress projects now.

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