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How much does a Website Cost?

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Money, by Elycefeliz @ FlickrThis is a very common question and one worth asking. How much does it cost to get a new website, or perhaps to redesign a website you already have? In general terms, I can safely say… the cost of a website should be NOTHING!

How can a top quality website cost nothing?

Let’s say you sell a product or a service that nets your business $100 and you make an average of 100 sales per month. That’s not a bad $10k for sure. But if your website can be improved and brings you an increase in sales of just 10%, that’s adding another $1000 per month to your bottom line! Now… if your new or redesigned website “costs” you $10,000 to have built, within a year alone you have more than paid off the cost and now you are making pure additional profit! A $5,000 website pays for itself in even less time.

That’s right… the cost of a website can (and should) be NOTHING!

Now keep in mind… when you are looking at the cost of a website, don’t focus on the cheapest solution. Sometimes you may invest a lot less in the website, or even get a free website. However, if that website does not address the needs you have and does not provide any real return on your investment… your website will indeed cost you too much!

As a website designer and developer in the Charlotte area, my focus is on finding ways to make your website pay for itself. I work with my clients to help determine what will make the best impact and will help overcome weaknesses in their current website setup. Perhaps a fresh look will help. Maybe a more organized and easier to use approach. It could be that your website has no real “call to action” features. Or maybe you are telling your prospects too much! (yeah, that happens.)

If you are looking for a website that will cost you nothing, you have come to the right place! I didn’t say the website would be free. But in the end, your website should be able to provide a return on your investment and not cost you anything!

image credit: Money, by Elycefeliz @ Flickr

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