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Google Apps for Business Drops Free Version

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On Dec 6, 2012, Google officially removed the free version of their very popular Google Apps for Business. In the past, you could register a free account and set up your email to run through Google’s gMail service. You could also use this to establish a business account for Google Drive, Google Plus, and many other Google services.

While I understand why they are doing this, its a shame for the many small businesses. The service is a great option for managing email, especially when you consider the strong spam filters that Google offers for its gmail service.

I was fortunate enough to have signed up for both my website as well as my domain, so both of these domains are running email through Google’s servers. As someone that has now used this service for a few months, I can say that for many business owners, the small price of $60 per year is a worth the investment even i you are only worried about the reduction in spam. And when you consider the great search functionality, the easy integration into Microsoft Outlook and Android devices and the ability to ad new “alias” emails on the fly, the service is really hard to beat.

So if you missed out on the free accounts, I am sorry to tell you they are no longer available. But I would seriously advise you take a look and maybe do the 30 day free trial to see for yourself how great this service is.

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