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Dear Self Promoting Commenter

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Recently I got an interesting comment on one of my posts. It was from a self-described SEO company. I know they claim to do SEO, because the entire comment was as follows:

Web Development Company says “We provide technology services, web Development Company, seo web development, SEO Services, Website Development Company, SEO Services Company. search engine and search engine website.”

Of course, they added a link to their website to go with their “name.”

Seriously??? Nothing to add to the content? What the hell kind of SEO company is this?

I don’t normally do this, but I decided to write the company a quick email. I would normally mark the comment as spam and be done with it, but I am afraid that some “newbie” is passing themselves off as an expert in SEO and will advise their unsuspecting clients to do the same thing. Here is a copy of the email I sent them…

To whom it may concern,

While I do appreciate that you have found my website and commented on a post, please be aware that the type of comment you provided is not considered to add to the discussion of the post itself and is seen as a self promotional, dare I say “spam” comment.

I rarely do this, but I am emailing you as a courtesy. Comments like this will eventually get your comment, email and website url marked as spam within the WordPress community, and as such, any future comments you would make on other websites running the same anti-spam comment plugin (which is installed by default) will automatically delete your comment, even if it contains real value.

In the future, if you wish to comment on a blog post, add to the content… don’t just promote yourself. As a self-proclaimed SEO services company, I would expect this to be something you were already aware of. If not, take this under serious advisement because if you are doing this for your own website, chances are you are advising your clients to do the same foolish practice.

If you wish to comment and can add value to the topic, please feel free. However, if I see a comment by you again that is purely self-promotional, I will immediately report you as a spammer. It only takes a few to get you on the naughty list!

Best of luck.


Please people, for the love of the web, don’t do this! You will be marked as spam, and all your work will be for nothing. Contribute to the conversation. If there is something of value, I don’t mind a comment with a link to your website!

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