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Automated WordPress Plugin Update Script

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WordPress Plugin Authors Rejoice!

Thomas Griffin

Great news today. A friend of mine, Thomas Griffin of Thomas Griffin Media just released a script library designed to help WordPress plugin authors keep their plugins updated on all websites! And best of all, he has provided this to us all… FREE OF CHARGE! Not only is Thomas a kick ass developer, but he certainly gives back to the WordPress community.

Maybe you have written a plugin, but never submitted it to It could be a commercial plugin like the Soliloquy plugin or a private plugin that you have created just for your client’s websites. There has always been a problem with notifying and updating these types of plugins when an update is available.

In the past, to make sure that your plugin would notify users and be easily updated through the WordPress system, you would need to upload your plugin to the WordPress plugin repository. For many people, this isn’t possible or desirable. Commercial plugins are not permitted quite yet, and developers that just use private plugins on select websites don’t want to deal with the massive support issues a general release can bring.

But what if there is a bug that needs to be fixed, an update to the plugin or just some great new features? It could be hard to notify every user, and then they would need to download a new copy and install it to their website. Not anymore!

Introducing the TGM Updater Library

The TGM Updater Library script now allows your WordPress plugins to automatically update, just like the ones hosted at the WordPress plugins repository! From the TGM Updater description:

It’s time that the private and commercial plugin world inside of WordPress get serious about automatic plugin updates. With the newly minted TGM Updater library, you now have no excuse. :-)

The TGM Updater library is a modification of the automatic updater class used inside of Soliloquy, my own (and the best) responsive WordPress slider plugin. It has been tested, refined, used and abused on over 10,000 WordPress installs. To put it short - this class simply works. Just follow the instructions correctly and you will be up and running with your own automatic plugin updates in no time flat!

If you are a plugin developer, or just write private plugins for your clients, you may want to check this out. You can find the code for this library at

Thanks goes to Thomas for this awesome script, and special thanks for making it freely available to us all.

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