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Observation: Ask to Save

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Today I closed a business checking account. In truth, I was not looking forward to it. I was not looking forward to the questions, having to explain to them that I wasn’t happy with the lack of services offered and the inconvenience of actually banking there. But, it had to be done, so I went in and ask to speak to someone about closing my account.

To my surprise, closing an account with this bank was very easy. There were no questions, no hesitation… nothing. It was as if they had been expecting me to show up and close the account, and already knew my mind was made up. How in the world would they know that? The sad fact is… they didn’t. They seemingly didn’t care.

When you are faced with losing a client, you should always ask questions. Start off with Why? Why are you looking to close the account today? Is there a service you needed that you felt we were not offering? Is there something we could do or offer to keep you as a client? Is there something we can improve upon so that we can better serve our other clients?

You see, this is all great feedback. If you ask the questions and uncover a problem, you may be able to turn that client around and keep their business. Even if you lose the business, you may find ways you can improve to keep the rest of your business!

If you don’t ask, you will lose in more that one way.

In the end I walked away without the stress of having to answer those questions, yet also feeling as if it didn’t matter to that bank that I just closed my account. And if you don’t care about your clients… soon enough, you won’t have any.

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