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My Hope… Post 2012 Election

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I certainly hope that Obama and the rest of Congress, both sides, see the past election, not as a win for the Dems, but more as a wake up call that America is tired of the petty politics that we have seen over the last decade or more.

We have serious issues that need to be addressed. In the first term, Candidate Obama promised transparency and working with both parties. Yet, with Dems controlling everything, we saw no effort to work together and many things were done behind closed doors. “We need to pass this first and then see what’s in it” was a quote from the healthcare reform that still sticks with me… that and the fact that the ones making the rules made sure to exempt themselves from the same rules they made. This can’t continue.

This term, Obama has an opportunity to create a legacy. One that can be built on more than just his racial background or blaming the President before him. He needs to become that leader he promised… one that can bring Congress together to actually solve problems rather than lead by blaming everyone else. We as a country NEED him to actually lead this time. My hope is that the legacy he can leave behind is that he was able to cross party lines, work with everyone in Congress and solve the many problems that this country faces.

Yet, somehow, I am not sure this will be done. Both sides prefer to show off their party jersey rather than work together as a team. Both sides are more worried about their own possible re-election and control of power. They seem to enjoy fighting each other. Very few at this level of politics actually know (or remember) what it is like to be a person that has to actually work for a living, pay real bills and hope for a better future. Their vision is clouded by the power, the presumed “fame” they have and their own personal need to be right, even if they are wrong. They are all out of touch with America and I don’t see any real signs to trying to reach out to us, except for when the cameras are on and it may help them gain more power or keep their office.

May we all pray for our leaders, regardless of the jersey we all seem to wear. May we pray that they put themselves aside, truly think about how to help the country and actually do what they claim they have come to do… Serve the American people. When you serve others, you must step aside and place the needs of those you serve above your own. Our leaders don’t do that, therefore they are not serving… they are taking. May we pray they see the difference and actually work together to make a difference.

This is my hope.  And this is certainly the hope for my kids.

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