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Brand Messaging Does Matter

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You have a great product. Your product offers a great benefit to your clients and is something that will make them enjoy life more. You are the expert in what you do and all you need to do is let everyone around you know. So how do you get the message out?

Brand Messaging Matters!

Many companies are relying on group coupon based marketing, with websites such as Groupon and Living Social. These are great ways to get your name, product and services out in front of a large number of people. All you have to do is craft a special offer to your prospective clients, write some compelling copy as to why they need to use your services or buy your product, and these services will broadcast it out to thousands of people. Sounds simple, right?

Not so fast… taking a few minutes to actually think about how you want to position your brand’s message can be worth thousands of dollars! Take the following Groupon ad that I ran across:

Name removed to protect the guilty!

Seriously? You are selling your services for a “steal” at only $99 and this is the BEST IMAGE you can find? Visually, this is “hard to swallow!” No wonder it still says “Be the First to Buy!”

Now that its pointed out, you may think to yourself “duh, who wouldn’t use a better image?” But the internet is full of websites with horrible branding, with little to no thought having been given to the brand’s message.

This ad’s message is that I am going to hate making this purchase. It will leave a bad taste in my mouth when all is said and done (pun intended!)

If this company had invested a little time and money in working with someone that could help them position their message, this image would have never even been considered!

Don’t be a brand messaging victim. You need to work with someone that understands how branding works… how to position you to get the right message out to your potential clients and make them WANT to do business with YOU! It may cost a few bucks to start, but imagine how many sales this ad could have made with better messaging as opposed to little to no sales?

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