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Why Bounce Rate Matters to SEO

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Search enginesYesterday I wrote a article explaining what Bounce Rate means in terms of website SEO. Today I want to touch on why knowing Bounce Rates are important. To quickly illustrate why Bounce Rates are important to your websites search engine strategy, let me tell you a quick story.

As a web developer and search engine strategist, I will have need to refer clients to other services from time to time. For this story, I needed to refer a client to a professional photographer to gather images for their project. I grabbed my list of photographers and gave the client a few names in order of which I felt would be the best fit.

The client begins to contact the photographers only to find that the first two aren’t responding and the third doesn’t do the types of photo shoots the client wants. The fourth and fifth ones were quick to respond and eventually one of them booked with the client. As you can imagine, the next client needing photos will get a different order to that list!

This is how Bounce Rates can affect you website search ranking. Assuming your website is ranking for a certain search term, if most users referred to your site by a search engine (Google for example) bounce back off of your site, the search engine will quickly determine that it is making a bad referral. This will lead to other websites ranking higher than yours, thus your site rank falls.

Knowing what a site or page’s bounce rate is will allow you to make changes to the page content to help lower the bounce rate. Keep in mind that you will always have some rate of users that bounce. But keeping the rates low, say around 20-30% ( or as close to that as you can get it ) will help you succeed with your search engine strategy.

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