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In SEO, what is a Bounce Rate?

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A very common question among those new to Search Engine Optimization… What is Bounce Rate? In the article, I will try to describe Bounce Rate in layman’s terms.

Have you ever done a search online, clicked a website from those results and realized that the selected website did not offer the information, services or goods you were seeking? So, you quickly hit the back button on your browser to go back to the search results and try another website. If you have ever done this (and everyone has), you just “bounced” off of that website.

Bouncing Balls

Courtesy Lars Hammar @ flickr

Quite simply, “Bounce Rate” is a measurement of how often a user “bounces” off your website… rather, how often they leave your website right after they arrive.  Bounce rates can be applied in general to your entire website as well as individual pages.

To be considered a bounce, the user must not explore any other pages on your website. So for example, if a user arrives at your website on the “About Us” page and quickly leaves the website (using the back button, or just going to another website), this is considered a bounce. If that same user arrives at your “About Us” page, but then clicks through to your “Services” page, the user is not bouncing, even if they leave immediately from the “Services” page.

So in reality, the Bounce Rate tells you how sticky your website is. Do users come to your website and explore more, or are they not finding what they are looking for and immediately leave (or bounce off of) your website?

As you can imagine, a lower bounce rate is important. How important? Look for an upcoming post that will give you more information on how important Bounce Rate measurement really is.

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