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Ed Nailor: WordPress Expert and Specialist

Hello there! I am Ed Nailor, a WordPress Specialist offering website design, web development and programming, search engine strategy and web related consulting in the Charlotte NC area.

My number is 877-376-7736 if you want to call.

Website Design / Development
WordPress Specialist

I currently work with Red Creative Marketing, a website design and development firm in Charlotte, NC. We offer website design and development within WordPress for a variety of clients. Clients include “direct clients” and “wholesale clients”.

With “direct clients” we work directly with the client to design and develop their own website, create a strategy for search engine optimization and consulting as needed. We manage every step of the process from beginning to end, and provide ongoing support to our clients as needed. We strive to make long term relationships with our clients!

With “wholesale clients” we work with other designers and developers to help them fulfill their projects. My experience of interaction with clients on my prior job suits our wholesale positioning very well, especially when working with another company/freelancer in providing website design and development services… we can fit right in as part of the company’s team!


I have personally developed and overseen well over 200 website projects for over 100 different companies and clients. These websites have included smaller budget 2-3 page informational websites, full-fledged e-commerce websites, mobile websites and large websites with well over 100 pages of content (including budgets well into the 5 digit range.)

I do an extensive amount of work with the WordPress content management system and have become well versed in the WordPress system. I can install WordPress, create WordPress themes (both parent and child themes) and write WordPress plugins. I also work with PHP, HTML, CSS and jQuery in most of my projects.

Prior Work Experience

Prior to Red Creative Marketing, I served as the Senior Web Developer for another creative marketing firm in Charlotte, NC. This company operates as a wholesale creative agency working with national brands and marketing groups (resellers) to fulfill their collateral and interactive creative needs. I oversaw the production of all websites developed for their clients, including developing, consulting with the clients, establishing and assisting with quotes and product development in general. I also provided communications and sales support for the clients as needed.

In this wholesale environment, I became well versed in becoming part of another’s team. We did not take credit for the work, but rather were situated and presented to the reseller’s clients as part of their creative team. The reseller would bill their clients directly and usually marked up our net cost for a profit.

Personal Life

Besides my kids, two of the things I enjoy most are whitewater rafting and playing the drums… although I don’t get to do either nearly as much as I’d like. I also enjoy a great cup of coffee, stimulating conversation, college baskekball (Go Duke!) and NFL football (Carolina Panthers!) Politically, I am a fiscal conservative and a social moderate… I still believe in the value of hard work, but know that we should help each other as much as we can.

Available For Your WordPress Needs!

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